Bokeh Masters Kit


Bokeh Masters Kit
Price: $25

  • Easy to use – ready out of the box
  • Create magical in camera backgrounds
  • Great for photographing special events, kids and portraits
  • 21 pre-cut bokeh shapes
  • 8 blank discs to create your own shapes
  • A disc wallet to store unused discs
  • Laser cut technology and durable materials

Create stunning images in camera with a specialized optic kit. The Bokeh Masters Kit allows you – the creative photographer – to create background elements as never seen before.

Bokeh, blur in Japanese, is the out-of-focus area in the photograph, those nice circles of light. The Bokeh Masters Kit turns those out of focus lights into shapes.

Just slap the disc holder onto a lens with the attached rubber band, point towards the light and un-focus, and …. TADA!! That out of focus light will take the shape of a horse, a heart a start or of any of the 21 pre-cut discs. Any distant light will do, candles, Christmas trees, city lights, tree tops… well, you get the point.

Q: What are the best lenses for the Bokeh Masters Kit?
A: Generally speaking, the bokeh masters kit works best with lenses of filter size up to 62mm, and with apertures of 2.8 or wider. Our tests show that it works best with the lenses listed below. However, the kit may also work with other wide-aperture lenses of similar thread size.

Q: Will The BMK work with other lenses?
A: It depends. The discs size and the shape of the cut are carefully designed for the lenses listed above. The bokeh masters kit is really built for lenses of a maximum of 62mm thread. For other lenses, try setting them to the widest possible aperture and fire some test shots.

Q: The BMK moves away from the lens when I focus, is this OK?
A: Yes. The BMK is designed to work even if it is not 100% flat to the lens.

Q: Can I place the kit over a UV filter I use to protect the lens?
A: Yes

Q: Hey! some discs have no shape on them!
A: The creativity of the Bokeh Masters Kit is not limited to the shapes we provide. If you bought the Super Kit Bundle there are an additional eight discs made from the same durable plastic. Simply use a pencil and an Exacto knife or a puncher to cut your own unique shapes