Camera Cookie Cutters – The Most Delicious Cameras You’ve Tasted


Camera Cookie Cutters:

  • The most delicious camera you’ve ever tasted
  • Decorate or eat right out of the oven
  • 3 Camera Cookie Cutters: SLR, TLR, Rangefinder
  • Both an outline cutter and a stamp
  • Made from high impact, BPA Free, food-grade plastic
  • Also great for cutting sandwiches and making ice cream Sandwiches
Have you ever loved your camera so much that you wanted to eat it? Well, now’s your chance. Through the cutting edge technology of Camera Cookie Cutters, you can not only frame your dough but eat it too!

With three wonderfully designed camera shaped cookie cutters and stamps you can bake camera shaped cookies in no time.

But wait, you’ve never made cookies before? We’re including a tried’n true recipe for the easiest, most amazing cookies ever. They’re so good we can guarantee that they won’t stick around for photographs.

The Camera Cookie Cutter kit includes three food safe, BPA-free, cutters and stamps to create three wonderful cookie shapes: a Digital SLR, A range finder and a TLR (Twin Lens Reflex).

All you have to do is roll a sheet of dough and stamp out your favorite camera, bake for 8-10 minutes, and start eating away.

Q: What should I do once I am done baking the cookies?
A: Eat them, Of course. And then wash the cookie cutters with hot water and soap. Please do not place them in the dish washer.

Q: How Do I decorate the cookies?
A: You can use Royal Icing or fondant. If you are using  fondant you can stamp it too for great colorful cameras

Q: How long would the cookies last if left in the open?
A: probably no longer than 10 minutes 😉 Once placed in an airtight container you can eat them for about one week