Double Flash Bracket

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    The Double Flash Bracket mounted on a light stand
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    4 Strobes mounted on the double flash bracket using a stud extender
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    By using 2 strobes set to half power each we were able to concentrate on shooting rather than wait for the strobes to recycle

Price: $19.95

  • Get twice as much light as you would get from a single strobe
  • Cut cycle time in half by using two strobes on half power
  • Fits regular 1/4-20 light stand thread
  • 1/4-20 nut wing included
  • 6 fabulous DIY branded bands
  • Can mount 4 strobes with a long stud
  • 100% on-axis light

The Double Flash Bracket is our implementation of a simple and effective way to mount two strobes onto one swivel / light stand.

There are a few good reasons why you would like to mount two strobes onto one stand. You could, of course, use the added strobe to gain an extra stop (as you double the amount of light), but even if light levels are great, adding another strobe allows you to cut recycle times in half.

Even better, mounting your strobes on our Double Flash Bracket will give you 100% on axis lighting.The system includes The bracket, a set of 6 fabulous DIY branded bands and a wing nut. Make sure that your swivel ends with a threaded stud (or get a stud) to use the system.

Using The Bracket