DIY Photography introduces a new way to take pictures. With good modifiers, great gadgets and on a budget.

Awesome gear is expensive, at least the good pieces are. I know. I’ve been craving for them myself.

The kits on the DIY Photography Store were designed to make great photography cheap. Coming from years of experience as a photographer and as the editor of the blog, I teamed up with a very talented group of people to make cool photography affordable.

The idea behind the brand is simple:

  1. We design great kits that can be sold for affordable prices
  2. Assembly is done by you
  3. You take great pictures

We made a ton of modifiers and other gear over at, and we kept getting the same question: “Is anybody willing to build one for me?” We are! We chose the best materials, got some clever designers and made the best possible DIY Kits money can buy.